Your privacy is important to us, and that's why we want to be as transparent as we can on this subject, so you know exactly what data we have on you, and why.

Long term storage.

The Yukiko Dev Team have to collect and store some data about you to run properly and as intended, such as your discord ID, discriminator, Nitro status, locals, username and avatar hash, ID and name of server you are in. We are using encrypted and offsite databases to store this data safely. All this data is provided by discord and can be accessed publicly on Discord. via API or discord client. this data is mandatory for Yukiko to work and be able to reconise you even if you change your username. as exemple our leveling system search for your discord ID and the server you are talking in to update the number of XP you have and number of message send. We do not store nor have access to any of your messages.
for future update of Yukiko and it website, we also create some data for you when you login with Discord, such as the status of your subscription. This field stay to None, except if you are part of the developement team.
This data can be deleted by E-mail request at .

Short therm storage.

As the long therm storage we also are storing data in our cache and RAM. we are storing the exact same amount of data in our ram than our databases, except this data is deleted after the code finished it execution generally one second or less. this storage is use to process the message you typed, to make sure there is no commands and argument in it that would be for Yukiko. Those messages got delete right after so we dont overflow our server with useless data. As short therm storage can also be include your sessions id on this website. This sessions ID is stored encrypted in our databases. Only Yukiko have limited access to those sessions, they are deleted after 3 days, and contain the max age, expiration date and key of your cookie, to be able to reconise you as you come back to the website. if you click "Logout" this entry is immediatly deleted from our databases and cannot be restored, you have to re-connect via Discord to get access back to the dashboard.

Data processing.

First we want to tell you we do not share any of your data with anyone, everything mention upper is all we have and it stay in our database, no one else than the Yukiko Dev Team has access to that data, and are not allowed to extract it. when you send a message in a guild where Yukiko is present Discord send us a lot of data about your account (ID, Guild you are in, joining timestamp, etc...) we do not store most of it except everything listed upper. Yukiko process this data, check if there is any commands in it, store your id in cache to update your level and number of message sent on that guild and delete it right after. this process take less than a seconds.

Data Deletion.

According to the law you have the right to request your data to be deleted. to do so, you can send us an E-mail at we will reply with a confirmation within 30 days According to the law you can also request an archive containing all the data we have about you. as the deletion request we will reply within 30 days with an email containing an archive with all that data.


In order to work properly and reconise you as you come back to our website, Yukiko will create a cookie when you are connecting to our website via Discord. our server generate an encrypted key and store it in our database as long as the cookie expire. after the cookie expiration or you click logout the cookie and the database entry are immediatly deleted.

Created: 18/08/20