Terms of Service

for clarity we will refer to the discord bot, it websites, and/or it databases as "Yukiko".
we will refer to "the Terms of Service" as "TOS Also we will refer to the developement team as "Yukiko Dev Team" and "YTD" for short.

Yukiko Dev Team
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Yukiko Dev Team Japan
Gifu, Japan

Yukiko Dev Team & Yukiko Dev Team Japan are owned by Asthriona ltd.
Owner contact: Asthriona@Yukiko.app

Thirds parties

Some cookies are created when you login on the service. for more information please visite their TOS and Privacy policy.
These include:
Discord are using some cookies for their own services Please visite their Privacy policy for more information
Cloudflare are using some cookies for their own services Please visite their Privacy policy for more information
The Yukiko Dev Team are not responsible for any action of the thirds parties they are using.

Yukiko Term of services.

Yukiko is a suite of software made by the Yukiko Dev Team it include a Discord bot, A website and a cluster of database hosted in N. Virginia by Amazon. the goal of Yukiko is giving the user the possibility to use one discord bot to do everything on it server and not have to used many of them.

User content

  • The Yukiko Dev Team cannot be hold responsible for any of the user content uploaded via Yukiko and/or Discord.
  • Yukiko is using multiple API such as Giphy, Reddit, Random API. The YDT cannot be hold responsible for any content that has been upload on those services.
  • the YDT reseve the right to delete any content that we think should not be use on Yukiko.
  • If you see any illegal content distributed/stored on Yukiko please report it to the staff or the website in question if from thirds party.
  • the YDT reserve the right to remove the use and access to Yukiko at anytime.
Data collection
in order to work properly Yukiko and YDT has to collect some data. some are stored temporary, some other permanantly.
Permanantly stored data:
  • Username
  • Discord ID
  • the guilds you own
  • The guilds you are in
  • the permissions you have in each guilds
  • the number of message you sent in each guild that use Yukiko
Temporary stored data:
  • Error Logs. wich include the commands and argument, stored in a logfile that get deleted after each reboot of Yukiko (every weeks.)
  • Message, Edited Message, Deleted Message. Stored in RAM force deleted after each reboot of Yukiko OR after few minutes.
  • Database request. include, user ID, Username, XP, number of message send, avatar hash. Stored in RAM deleted after few seconds.
  • User ID, Stored in RAM after a message for cooldown purposes. Deleted each minutes.
Yukiko is based in Europe, you can request your data and/or deletion by E-mail at contact@yukiko.app we will reply with a confirmation under 30 days.
  • Yukiko is provided as it is. it uptime and availability are not guaranteed and can change anytime
  • if a maintenance is planned the YDT will let the user know on Twitter and their Status Page.
  • Your permissions to use Yukiko can be refused or revoke at any time by the Yukiko Dev Team.
  • The Yukiko Dev Team reserve the right to block any user and ban any server without any notification.
Embed and Moderation
  • All the details about moderation action taken by a guild staff is embed in a moderation channel of their choice. this include: the user id, username, avatar, time, and reason.
  • This embed also include the staff member infos such as it user ID, username and avatar.

This TOS is subject to change at anytime without notice. Please make sure to visite this page frequently and read the changes.

Created: 18/08/20
Modified: 20/01/21